Blissful Time
event Monday, 12 February 18   forum Health
Fasting without food or water BENEFITS: Reduces toxins Reduces Blood Sugar Clears clogged blood vessels Purifies blood Cleanses skin Lowers blood pressure Fights Cancer Rejuvenates the body and mind How Long-1 day fast every week and 2-3 day fast once in six months. Don't start with a longer fast. Side effects: Headaches, low blood pressure and fatigue. How to end the fast: Have water and then small quantity of light food such as salads or fruits to start with.Go to normal diet in three to four hours post the fast. Chronic health issue patients should consult their doctor before taking up dry fasting. View Post
A Visit Down Under!!!!
event Friday, 3 November 17   forum Travel
After many years since I first thought of going to Australia and multiple failed attempts thereafter I did finally land in the smallest continent last month.  It was an official visit but I managed to get a few days off to spend with friends and relatives. I had some really wonderful moments some of them to cherish for life.  Officially I got to see some amazing new technology that included interacting with a robot. However it was on the personal front that I did manage to spend some quality time exploring the Australian culture and off course the rich ecology and scenic beauty. Firstly the tours to the MCG and the Adelaide Oval. Having watched many cricket matches it was really an inexplicable feeling when I stepped on to the ground. The tour of the stadium and its facilities including the players dressing room, the press box etc was an achievement in itself. Adjoining MCG is the High Sense arena where the Australian Open Tennis event takes place. I hope to see Roger Federer in action here someday if it materializes. The War memorial and the view from Euraka skydeck is also worth a visit.I also had a chance to stay with my close friend in the suburb and got a closer look at the typical Melbourne house and lifestyle. Melbourne is one of the top 10 liveable cities in the world and it is not a false claim. Adelaide was quite laid back but very impressive too.The tram rides, the visit to the Gorge national park and the experience of holding a koala and feeding the kangaroo was amazing. I cannot forget to mention Haigh's chocolate. Its a must visit shop. My final stop was at Renmark a small sleepy town 3-4 hours drive from Adelaide. We had a weekend out at a riverside resort and visited a couple of beautiful spots such as Lake Bonney ,the pelican point, the Rustons rose garden and the view from the Berri Lookout tower. Looking forward to my next trip. There is still Sydney and the Great Barrier reef and how can I not mention New Zealand. So till next time, Bye. View Post
Water Habits!!!!
event Friday, 22 September 17   forum Health
Water drinking Habits play a very significant role in keeping the body and cells strong and healthy. Changing water consumption habits will cure a lot of body aliments without the need for medicines. Lets look at the most important ones: 1. How much water to drink and when? Always drink water sitting down and gulp it down like drinking tea or coffee or any hot beverage, sip by sip. a. Drink 2-3 glasses-about 500 ml immediately after waking up. b. Drink 1-2 glasses of water 30 minutes before every meal. c. Drink 1- 2 glasses 1.5 hours after every meal. d. Drink 1 glass of water before taking bath. e. Drink 1 glass of water immediately before you have tea or coffee or any other beverage. f. Drink 1 -2 glasses of warm water before going to bed..Add turmeric to make it really effective. 2. What type of water to drink: a. Warm water each time is the best. b. Drink Pi water if possible (PH between 7 and 7.3) c. Drink water stored in copper vessels and change the vessel  after every 90 days for a week before returning to copper vessel. d. To change composition add spices such a s turmeric, black pepper, ginger or cinnamon to warm water. 3. No No Never!!! a. Never drink water during meals.If the food is too dry then just sip a little water with each dry morsel. b. Never drink water immediately after taking bath or doing exercise. Let the body return to normal temperature before consuming water. c. never consume very cold water or very hot water. d.Never consume water stored in aluminium or plastic containers repeatedly. e. Never drink water by gulping down in a continuous stream. Practice these habits and and the water we drink turns into elixir for life!!!!! View Post
Call from the Hills!!!!!
event Wednesday, 20 September 17   forum Travel
If you are in India, the hills and mountains are something you should never miss. Over the years my experiences at visiting the different hill stations and places around India has been a relishing experience,sometimes divine. Be it the Himalayas on the North, the Western Ghats , the Nilgiris or the one off pilgrim locations across India, each one has a great story to tell and off course a lot of cultural learning. The Himalayas in particular….the number of visits don’t matter…you will be enthralled by its sheer magnificence and pristine nature around. Add the divinity of the hills and it makes it even more unforgettable. I envy the people who end up living there. The earthquakes, avalanches,landslides, rain and the chill, all of which frequent the mountains but every experience is priceless. I have been to the Himalaya twice. The Char Dham Yatra was the first one with close family members in 2009 and remains the best ever travel experience in my life. a 15 day tour with 100-150 miles of travel daily and yet there were so many places that we passed by, smelt the nature there but could not stop to relish. We went there in October just before the pilgrimage season closed and the winter had just set in. The first time experience of snowfall and the hot springs were stunning. The rivers dashing down the hills and valleys and coming together at many places adds to the extreme beauty of nature all around. The temples needless to say were soul cleansing and re-energizing all the way. Small hamlets and villages with lot of smiling people who had no access to electronic gadgets, internet, television and many other necessities of daily use including oxygen (its limited out there at those heights) that citizens cannot dream of living without will certainly make you think of doing a reality check on the way we live in the cities. The food and hospitality was never a problem. the tourist homes were awesome. The van and bus drivers are skilled and knowledgeable to navigate the terrain. All put together it was a great package and yet at the end of the day it seemed just not enough….there were so many more places to visit but……. My next visit there will be for a good 2-3 months and I would like to explore greater heights, the valley of flowers, the forests and the caves where highly advanced spiritual men practice their  penance and gain wisdom. I am looking forward to it and someday I will be there again…its something rooted into the very depths of my heart. On my next post, I will share more on some of the other hill places I have visited. View Post
The fear of the Unknown!!!!
event Wednesday, 20 September 17   forum Self Help and Knowledge
One of the most imposing health hazard in the world today is stress and few would disagree with this. The biggest reason for stress among masses is the fear of the unknown!!!!. There is no way one can predict the future with absolute accuracy at least common mortals like us cant do that. So there stems the fear that something bad may happen in future that is not good for us. One of the primary reasons for people who think so is their environment.  Its stuffed with lot of negativity. Many don’t pursue their dreams for this very reason.Uncertainty makes one’s life miserable. Having said that how do we come out of this rut. The answer is simple. If we can think that something bad can happen to us, the same assumption can also be made the opposite  way, meaning something good will happen to us. Start with that thought and things will automatically change. Let’s assume we are on our way to a new place by car and we are not aware of the condition of the road. If we come across an obstacle we would often change our course and take a new route. If the situation is too bad then we can always turn around and come back to the starting point for another new journey or go to a new place altogether if time and money allows us. Treat our lives the same way and we would be more stress free and healthy. Whether  doing business or job, whatever it is , we start on an unknown path all the time even if you have all the resources available, and we end up somewhere along the way and in most cases it will never be what we started off thinking about. In many cases it will be worse and in some cases we get more than what we expected. The difference lies in our approach. Being optimistic and positive vs being stressful and negative. So introspect and think of ways you can live a life worthy of being called a Life!!!!!! View Post